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When your body aches, treat yourself to our fast acting Figi experience. Our Figi Brands products are available in balms, salves and lotions. Each Figi product is infused with our proprietary blend of natural oils and the highest quality CBD Isolate available anywhere on earth. Where possible our products also use sustainable ingredients, which allows us to give back to Mother Earth. Figi Brands is proud to say that we are partnered with the only 100% sustainably sourced beeswax in the world. Any beeswax used in our products is NGO verified by FairMatch Support, and traced to each beekeeper and their hives. This traceable sourcing strives to keep bees and keepers safe, happy and healthy.

So, what is the difference between Figi Brands topicals vs. other products such as gummies or drops? Topicals have an effect on the skin or derma surface area where applied without having any effect on your internal organs.


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